Aerobic Circuit (Level 1, 2 & 3)

 Wed, 8th Jun, 2022

This is an aerobic circuit suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. Available to download below. 

If you are familiar with our other circuit cards you will notice that we designed this circuit card differently. Rather than creating three separate circuit cards for level 1, level 2 and level 3 we wanted to create one circuit suitable for all levels. We asked some Wellness UnLAOISed participants to share their opinions with us and most prefer this style of circuit card. What do you think? 

Please note:

  • It is very important to complete a warm-up for at least 10 minutes prior to completing the exercises in this circuit. You can warm-up with Ruth D by clicking on this video link: or by scanning the QR code on the first page of the circuit. To scan a QR code you need to open your camera on your phone/tablet/iPad and hold it close to the QR code.


  • If you are a beginner to exercise please start by completing each exercise for 30 seconds with a 15 second rest period between exercises. As you get fitter you can challenge yourself by completing each exercise for 45 seconds or 60 seconds with a 15 second rest period between exercises. Resting between exercises is so important for people exercising at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.


  • We recommend that you print this circuit so that you can scan the QR code beside each exercise on this circuit to see a demonstration of the correct technique. 


Yours in health,

The True Fitness team


Wellness UnLAOISed is designed and delivered by True Fitness in partnership with Laois Sports Partnership and funded by Sport Ireland through the Sport Ireland Innovation Fund.

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