Exercise, Joint Health & Arthritis

 Thu, 26th Nov, 2020

Huge thanks to Will Faulkner for having me on Midlands 103 today (Thursday 26th November) to discuss the role of exercise in promoting good joint health, particularly as we age, and also the role of different types of exercise in the treatment and management of arthritis. If you would like to listen back to the show you can do so by clicking on this link https://www.midlands103.com/on-air/listen-back/. The show starts at 1hr 45 minutes.

Diane has created a short workshop video* outlining some of the causes of arthritis, the development of arthritis, and the specific roles that flexibility, range of motion, strength, balance and aerobic exercise have on the treatment and management of arthritis. This is covered in the context of the "Training Triangle" for arthritis. The workshop concludes by talking you through how much of each type of exercise you should do and why. The link to the workshop can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH_hOy4rILo

The workshop is supported by some simple and practical videos that you can do at home to improve your joint health.

A full body flexibility routine can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2kGSjLAisc

A warm up, mobility, strength and balance routine for beginners can be found here https://youtu.be/Vhz4_xac8Jo

We hope you find these resources useful.

Yours in health,

Dr Diane Cooper.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Director of True Fitness

Researcher in Exercise Physiology, Obesity and Insulin Resistance.


*Please note this video was created as part of a series of worshops included in our "Prime Time" programme for middle aged and older adults in Laois. This is a multimodal online physical activity and health intervention for adults aged 50-80 years in Laois. True Fitness were commissioned by Laois Sports Partnership to design and deliver the intervention. The programme is funded by the Government of Ireland Sláintecare Integration Fund under grant agreement number 21.