Feedback from our 'Eating for Wellness' programme

 Fri, 10th Sep, 2021

We are delighted with the feedback we have received from participants who completed our 4-week 'Eating for Wellness' programme. Some of the key points are:

  • Do not be afraid to gain support from family, friends, support services during times of worry. Support can help people to avoid over indulgence and gain greater control of their emotions.
  • There is absolutely no need to 'go on a diet'. There are negative effects with this. Instead aim to enjoy a healthy balanced diet and make sustainable lifestyle choices that will improve your health e.g. eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water etc. We can and we should eat foods and drinks because we enjoy them! Everything can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a healthy balanced diet.
  • Physical activity can support physical & mental health. Start with a small goal and progress over time.

Thank you to the Service Reform Fund and the HSE for supporting this 4-week health education programme for community mental health service users.

Yours in health,
True Fitness

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