LAOIS FIT (week 5) Nutrition part 2

 Tue, 16th Feb, 2021

Hi everyone, the health education workshop this week was titled 'Modifying your environment for healthy eating + the truth behind common nutrition myths + reading food labels'. 

Ruth reminded everyone that “You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine" - a quote from John C. Maxwell.

Here are some tips on how you can modify your environment for healthy eating: 

  • Plan your meals in advance - this will help you to introduce variety and eat more nutritious foods. You will also save money and rely less on foods high in sugar, fat and salt. You can download our weekly meal planner and our shopping list template below to help with planning. 
  • Create a list of your favourite quick meals for example stir fry with boil in the bag rice or microwavable rice (2 mins), omelette and toast, burger with homemade chips and salad. vegetable egg-fried rice, 'pizza’ using pitta bread or a wrap as the base served with salad.

  • Be time wise and batch cook on days that you have more time.

  • Be size wise (plate/bowl size, wine glasses)

  • Place fruit bowl in the centre of kitchen to promote healthy behaviours.

  • Enjoy your meals sitting at a table if possible.

  • Eat food well and chew slowly - slowing eating can allow your body to recognise when it is full. This is because when your stomach has taken enough food, a hormone called leptin is released from fat tissues which sends signals to the brain of fullness. It is thought, that it takes around 20 minutes for this process to occur.

We hope you found the workshop and this summary resource useful.

We look forward to seeing you in next weeks workshop.

Yours in health,
Ruth & The True Fitness Team.