Laois Fit (week 7) - How to rehabilitate your injuries, aches and pains.

 Tue, 2nd Mar, 2021

Hi everyone, 

On Monday John Bolton spoke about how to rehabilitate injuries, aches and pains. John emphasized the importance of looking after ourselves by taking a preventative approach to health. Key messages were to find opportunities throughout your day to be active as inactivity is a huge problem. Simple things like keeping your body strong and flexible is crucial. John asked people to think of our bodies as a unit rather than individual parts.

There are generally two types of injury:

  • Acute: Usually the result of a single traumatic event e.g. sprained ankle
  • Overuse: This is the result of repetitive microtrauma to tendons, bones etc. e.g. tennis elbow

The main causes of injury are:

  • Imbalance between strength & flexibility around certain joints
  • Body alignment
  • Weak links caused by old injuries
  • Poor technique
  • Over training
  • Inactivity

You can view the workshop notes and a flexibility circuit below. 

Yours in health, 

True Fitness