Our Research on farmer health is published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science!

 Fri, 19th Mar, 2021

We are absolutely delighted that our research investigating the impact of our pilot 6-week community-based physical activity and health education intervention on Irish farmer health has been published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science!!

The results have very important implications for future programmes. Our results found that:

  • Farmers are at high risk of developing chronic diseases which is similar to previous research in Ireland.
  • There was great interest among farmers as almost one third of farmers attended all 12 sessions and the average number of sessions attended was 11 ± 1.
  • Improvements were seen in diet, fitness, muscle strength, physical and cardiovascular heath.
  • Farmers perceived their physical and mental health to improve - before they knew if any changes had actually occurred!!

Ruth received an employment-based postgraduate scholarship from the Irish Research Council to do this research in partnership with True Fitness and the Institute of Technology Sligo. You can read more about this research HERE.

Please share with anyone you think might be interested to read this. 

A note from Ruth Kavanagh (True Fitness):

This publication is a small example of perseverance and I’m very proud to see this work in print. I would like to sincerely thank the following people for making this research a possibility:

  • The Irish Research Council for funding this research.
  • All of the participants who attended early morning testing sessions and late-night training sessions. You all made this research experience very enjoyable for me and the commitment shown throughout was admirable.
  • My academic supervisor Laura Keaver (IT Sligo) and employment mentor Dr Diane Cooper (True Fitness), whose expertise is invaluable to me. Thank you both for being approachable, enthusiastic and for the numerous research opportunities you have given to me.
  • John Bolton (True Fitness) for his support and for instructing the exercise classes during the intervention.
  • Alison Holmes for her assistance with the recruitment process.