The importance of good bone health

 Mon, 22nd Nov, 2021

Did you know??

Our bones are living, active tissues that are constantly broken down and remodeled.⁠ Oestrogen is a hormone which plays an important role in developing and maintaining bone mineral density. However, during the menopause there is a reduction in the amount of oestrogen we produce. Research suggests that women can lose 20% of their bone mass 5-7 years post menopause!

Poor bone health makes us more likely to develop conditions such as osteoporosis which is a condition where bones become thin and fragile, meaning that they are more likely to fracture and/or break.⁠

We can promote good bone health by engaging in regular weight-bearing (e.g. walking, dancing, running) and muscle-strengthening exercises (e.g. bodyweight exercises) and by enjoying a healthy balanced diet high in protein, calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K and phosphorus.

Key message

Females (and males!) of all ages and abilities should be aware of the importance of bone health. An active lifestyle across the lifespan is key - especially as we age!⁠

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