Week 2 - Prime Time 2021

 Fri, 2nd Apr, 2021

What a fantastic first week we have had with our "Prime Time of Life*" programme with Laois Sports Partnership!! There are 132 adults (50-80 years) in Laois currently enrolled on "Prime Time of Life" and it has been such a pleasure getting to know you this week. Well done for being so brave to sign up and massive congratulations for a great week of training and health workshops! 


In the health workshop this week, Dr Diane Cooper (Clinical Exercise Physiologist) talked about the physical and mental health benefits of aerobic exercise, particularly "green" and "blue" exercise, the type and amount you should do for health, how to monitor your own intensity, provided a sample 7 day training diary and gave some simple tips to meet the recommendations for health. We hope you found this useful. If you would like to hear the workshop you can listen HERE.


*"Prime Time of Life" is our 12 week online multimodal exercise (strength, balance, flexibility and fitness) and health education programme. It has received funding from the Government of Ireland's Sláintecare Integration Fund under grant agreement number 21, and so is free for participants to take part in.