Why should we set goals?

 Fri, 14th May, 2021

Strength, conditioning & rehab expert John Bolton from True Fitness spoke to Will Faulkner from Midlands 103 about WHY we should get goals and HOW to set SMART goals.

"One of the big problems people have is that they start to exercise and maybe stick to it for a few weeks or a few months and one of the reasons they stop is because they don’t have a goal. They have nothing specific that they want to train for" 

Key points from John Bolton:

  • Everyone should have a goal.
  • You need to set a goal that is not weight orientated.  If you want to lose weight then weight loss should be a consequence of your goal, not your goal. 

  • It is important to set a goal that is specific to you and that you find exciting.

  • There needs to be structure. Set a plan for yourself to allow you to achieve your goal. 

  • If your goal doesn’t frighten you then it probably isn’t big enough. 

LISTEN BACK HERE from 1:30:00 to find out what John's goal is...are you as shocked as Will Faulkner? 

Yours in health, 

True Fitness